About us

Our Mission

Create meaningful makeup that empowers you
in your daily life, both inside and out.

3 words that describe us

Dominique cosmetics
  • transparency


    We believe it’s important to be comfortable with yourself and honest about who you are and what you value. Much of our product packaging is transparent to serve as a visual reminder to let your inner beauty shine. Makeup should enhance what you have! We believe it’s your personality that makes you unique and attractive.

  • Positive Reinforcement

    Positive Reinforcement

    It takes a lot of practice and intention to love yourself. That's why we promise always to include a motivational message on all our products! There are a lot of negative messages out there, and we encourage you to start every day with positivity.

  • Simplicity


    We realize that you’re really busy– All. The. Time. That’s why we focus on making no-fuss products that are easy to use and multi-purpose. We never want you to be overwhelmed by your beauty routine. It should be a ritual that you enjoy.

A note from our founder

Like most, I grew up with insecurities that were hard to overcome mine where my under eye circles causing me to be shy and unable to connect. As a young teen, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup but I grabbed my moms concealer anyway, put it on and went to school it was that day when everything changed for me: I felt beautiful, empowered, and confident.

From then on for the first time I felt connected and I knew that I wanted everyone around me to feel the same sense of self love that I was able to redefine for myself.

I developed Dominique Cosmetics to curate products that break the norms of today’s vanity, and shine a light on anyone who uses our products. We believe in the strength of self-worth, and I know our products will help you feel the same.